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Pinecone Grove has now entered the Blog District!

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Hello, and welcome to the Blog District of Pinecone Grove. Here you will find posts about my new products, works in progress, sales, specials, and featured shops around the storenvy-verse. I hope you’ll click our follow button and stop by the Shop District of Pinecone Grove.

Pinecone Grove is a little shop that exists within an eternal season of cozy autumn days… There is so much to love about autumn, my favorite season. It should last all year! Autumn; when crops are gathered, leaves fall, apple cider is shared, football season kicks off, scarves come out, and pinecones are everywhere. There is just so many wonderful memories to be made in the season that can’t be stuffed into three months. But now, Autumn can last all year long with my shop, Pinecone Grove. The idea to have an autumn theme shop kindled at home where I am surrounded by pines. Although it isn’t autumn year round, we always have pinecones about the forest. – hence the name Pinecone Grove – Being surrounded by so much nature is very inspiring and the roots to my little shop.

Current Products Available at Pinecone Grove

Watercolor Prints & Original Acrylics on Canvas Board
Coffee Mugs

In time, there will be journals, apparel, large original artworks, and much more to choose from in the tableware and decor departments. So be sure to stop by again soon for new products this eternal season.

Questions? Requests?

Go to the Contact page to send us a message, or send one through Storenvy


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