Forget Me Not | Envy-tastic Tuesday

Welcome to Envy-tastic Tuesday!
Where I blog about my latest Envy’d products from other Storenvy Shop Owners. Don’t forget to Envy your new favorites. Have a fav you don’t see here? Post the listing link in the comments and why you love it. Maybe I’ll feature it next time 🙂

Art Creations

“Original Watercolor Painting. Fashion Illustration.” from ArtRide
Forget Me Not
This gorgeous watercolor won’t be easy to forget. I love the colors and elegance Manjiri put into this piece. A definite Envy and a plus, it’s on Sale for the lucky buyers!

Visit this listing on Art Ride!

Crochet Creations

Veiled Hearts Cowl PDF Crochet Pattern by Crystallized Designs
Treasured Love
Only reveal the hidden heart to those who you trust with this beautiful cowl neck scarf. I’m not very good at crochet yet but I know there are some of you who would love to try making this one!

Visit this listing on Crystallized Designs!

Jewelry Creations

Green Swarovski Crystal & Sterling Earrings by Silver Dawn Jewelry
Almost Peridot
The more you get to know me you’ll find out I love little splashes of green in my apparel (probably because I’m an August baby) and these stunning earrings are just my style. Definitely on my wish list.

Visit this listing on Silver Dawn Jewelry!

And that wraps up today’s Envy-tastic post 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


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