Happy Handmade – Week 53

#HappyHandmade Products I Love!
A link-up for store owners to share their products and support each other by spreading the word.

In no particular order, here are my #happyhandmade favorites this week:

Ring Me Up EnvyLope Cell Phone Wallet by @YoSewDesigns
You need a wallet that works just as hard as you.
This orange, yellow and gray telephone print wallet does everything you need– it carries your phone, keys, cards, and loose tidbits all while making the statement that you are fun and modern.
Ring Me Up EnvyLope Cell Phone Wallet Listing

Mint Chocolate Chip Chevron Regular-size Unsponges by @NatureJunkieMI
Stop spending money on sponges that collect nasty bacteria and switch to the Nature Junkie Unsponge.
Use it to clean up those messy spills, wash that dreaded pile of dishes, or just use for everyday cleaning. Pop it in with your laundry and out comes a clean, like new sponge. The Unsponge, a sponge that just keeps giving!
Mint Chocolate Chip Chevron Regular-size Unsponges Listing

Shamrock Bunting by @UniqCreationbyT
Are you Irish or just love St. Patrick’s day? Then this shamrock bunting would make a great decoration in your house along the mantel.
Shamrock Bunting Listing

Duocorn by @Lu_and_ED
Duocorn is often teased for looking like a carrot, and is working to boycott the sale of carrots for consumption.
This Small Mon-stor makes a fun toy or laundry storage for kids, and can be used as stockings during the holiday season. Also great for holding video games, books, small toys and pajamas.
Need a diaper changing organization in small places? This guy is useful to hang in the car to hold diapers and wipes, or a change of clothes for small children! Simply hang wherever you need storage and have your children ‘feed’ the Mon-stor!
Duocorn Listing

Don’t forget to Envy your favorites! Want to see more products like these? Search #happyhandmade on Twitter or stop by this week’s linkup here.


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