Join the Coffee Lover Challenge

Some of you may know this while others may be shocked, but I don’t like coffee. I never have. Once upon a time I read somewhere that you have to taste something sixteen times before you know you’ll never like it. Which brings me to my coffee lover challenge.
I’m committing myself to try sixteen cups of coffee before I say I hate it and will never love coffee. I’ve gotten eight coffees on the list so far, which means I need eight more.
coffee lover challenge
Want to join in? Great! Love coffee but still want to play? How about trying all the coffees on the menu? Here is how to play:
1. Photograph your coffee and post it on Instagram.
2. In the caption include: name of the coffee, what you think about the taste, and the hashtag #coffeeloverchallenge. You can add the cup number like I did if you want.
3. Repeat until you finish 16 cups, until you decide you love coffee, or have tasted all the coffees on the menu. This challenge isn’t graded 😉 so have fun with it.
Follow me on Instagram to get the latest on the #coffeeloverchallenge. You can also follow me on Twitter.
Have a favorite Starbucks coffee you think I should try? Share it in the comments 🙂



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