Behind the Name | Saturday Shop Secrets


Like an Arrow Threads has started a new insta-series on Instagram called #saturdayshopsecrets for shops to share behind the scenes footage with our followers. I thought I’d also share it here on the blog 🙂

This Weeks Topic
What inspired your business name?


Pinecone Grove pretty much speaks for itself. My home sits in the center of a large grove of trees. Although there are many species of trees (some I’m not sure what they are) the Pines are my favorite. That may be due to the abundance of pinecones in the trees and on the ground.
I love my shop’s name. It really fits my woodland and autumn taste in art. If I had to choose any other name it would probably be something along the lines of Oak Grove or Acorn Grove because my son really loves acorn hunting these days.

P.S. Yes, I know it’s Sunday but
I just heard about it this morning 😉

What’s behind your shop name?
Don’t have a shop? What would you name it if you did?


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