Geocaching | Saturday Shop Secrets


Like an Arrow Threads has started a new insta-series on Instagram called #saturdayshopsecrets for shops to share behind the scenes footage with our followers. I thought I’d also share it here on the blog 🙂

This Weeks Topic:
hobbies outside of our business and how we balance life with that


My work is all about creativity. So I’m going to share a hobby that isn’t specifically related to my work, and that, is geocaching.
I haven’t gone on a cache hunt in a while because life has just been so busy. Plus with the summer and the storms it’s been too hot and rainy. But when I do go, I take me son with me. He loves it. That’s the easy part to balance. Just have to make sure we choose kid friendly caches to find.
Thanks to this prompt, I’m definitely going to put some caches to find on our to-do list.

Do you have a hobby outside of your work?
Does your family join in?
How do you find balance?


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