Artist Trading Cards

Buying vs. Selling
Cards by Artists

I did a little research and discovered something about artist cards.
#ATC Artist Trading Cards are for trading.
#ACEO Art Cards, Editions & Originals are for selling.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to make Artist Trading Cards. Maybe I’ll make ACEO later on but for now I’ll stick with the ATC. Each card will be a handmade original. No card will be the exact same.

I’ve already started writing the backs and cutting them out. Really looking forward to painting them. Want to get ahold of these upcoming mini-artworks? There are a few ways you can do that…

How to collect Artist Trading Cards from Pinecone Grove:

• Make a purchase from Pinecone Grove.
• Trade an #ATC with me at a festival or show.
• Go on a treasure hunt to find hidden #ATC. Clues will be provided on social media via #PGtreasurehunt

What woodland themes or subjects would you like to see on my artist trading cards?


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