When You Order From Pinecone Grove

Everyone loves getting mail (as long as it’s not a bill or rejection letter), right? Getting your shopping in the mail is a special part of the online shopping experience. That’s why I put a lot of thought into how I will package and ship my products to you.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
My first concern when it comes to shipping products is the environment. By reusing shipping materials from my purchases and recycling food boxes, I am able to reduce landfill waste, energy consumption, and pollution. You’ll also see that I hand address your package instead of adding paper waste with an address label.
Signature Appeal
Just because I recycle packaging doesn’t mean I can’t make each one envytastic. Using washi tape, I decorate your package seams and ‘cover’. My favorite is the “special delivery” tape because in every Pinecone Grove package there is a special delivery inside. And of course there is the signature: a Pinecone Grove sticker.

A Gift For You
Along with your order and a business card, you’ll find a gift just for you: a hand-painted or embellished artist trading card. This is a new swag item I have begun to make. If you are a returning customer looking to complete a trading card set, leave a note with your order and I will do my best to send the card you need.

If you have any questions, you can contact me here.

Thank you for stopping by the grove. I hope you have a great evening. Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for Saturday Shop Secrets!

– Ashley


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