Drive to the Post Office | Saturday Shop Secrets

This week on Saturday Shop Secrets:
• What is your least favorite aspect on the business side of things?
• What is your least favorite aspect on the production side of things?


Least Favorite Business Aspect

Driving to the post office. I love packaging up a product, and I even love seeing it off to its new owner at the post office, but I detest driving. If I could go on with life never having to drive anywhere again it’d be heaven on earth for me. *sighing in contentment at the thought* But I’m thankful I can drive and get around where I need to or want to be.

Least Favorite Production Aspect

Not sure if I have a least favorite part of production. I love creating. Maybe the researching? It can be frustrating sometimes when trying to identify a plant I’ve never seen before. But once I do figure it out, it was all worth it.

#saturdayshopsecrets is a new insta-series on Instagram created by Like an Arrow Threads for shops to share behind the scenes footage with our followers. I also like to share it here on the blog.

What are some of your least favorite aspects of your job?


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