Story of the Trees | Voting

Here are the entries from the “Story of the Trees” contest. Starting today I want you to vote for the story you think should be on the prize Field Journal Art Print.
To vote for entry number one, comment “Entry No. 1”
To vote for entry number two, comment “Entry No. 2”

Entry No. 1
Raindrops fall
Turn sadness into beauty

Entry No. 2:
Warmth fills the moist soil around me,
The urge to stretch is too much to bear,
I reach a stem forth to draw closer,
Warmth is with in my grasp,
With a determination I push through,
Enjoying the tingling feeling,
Upon my leaf bud is falling,
Flowing through my stem to my roots,
Warmth causes my trunk to grow,
A sproutling I may be,
But to be a Tree is my destiny.

Cast your vote in the comments below.


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