Underwater Explorers

We dubbed today Oceanology day. Fitting for Columbus Day. No?

How I Chose Today’s Lesson
We were getting ready to start our day when my son looked at his library book pile. He pulled the Oceanology book out and asked me to read it to him.
We found a comfy spot on the couch and I began reading. He started reading to me after the first page. On pages 10 & 11 there is a map of the world.
My son read the continent names to me and said “I want to go to South America.”
I thought that was a splendid idea for an activity but I didn’t want to share it and interrupt his reading. The next couple pages were about ships. When he got to the bottom of page 13 he set the book down and said, “I want to make a ship.” So we did.

He chose of foam sheets to make it with. I helped him draw & cut out the parts of the ship. Them he taped them to another piece of foam.
After that he also added loose strands from burlap ribbon as the “rigging”. And I made an anchor at his request.
Next we made a “compass” and our own floor map. Before I knew it we were “sailing around the world” and naming the oceans we were in. It was so much fun and we haven’t even gotten to part two yet.

How did I choose such a fun and educational encouraging topic? The answer: I didn’t. My son did, and it happened the moment he picked up a book of his choosing.

Moments like these make me seriously consider home schooling him long-term, not just in his daycare years. Do you homeschool your child(ren)? What age did you start/stop?


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