Make Your Biz Eco-Friendly

Did you know switching to more environmentally friendly habits can also save you money? Make your business more economically and environmentally friendly with this post: 9 ways to run a more eco indie business – and save money! by Daft Crafts. I’ve already applied some of these to my business and plan to add more.

My successful attempts at an Eco-friendly business:

• Reusing Boxes
For shipping my products I reuse and recycle boxes around the house. I even reuse the packaging from orders I purchase from my printers other online stores.


• Paint Colors:
Colors and more Colors! I used to buy paint colors like I could never have enough. They weren’t very expensive… per bottle. Then I realized it all adds up, and a lot of them, wind up not getting used.

no reason to have so many shades for one color

Now, I keep my paint colors limited to 8 basic colors and mix them to get the color I need. I waste a lot less paint and money. Plus, I’m much happier with the colors I create on my own.

My failed attempts at an Eco-friendly business:
• Bamboo Paper
At one point I considered printing on bamboo paper but it wasn’t cost effective. I am still searching for a cost effective way to produce my prints that is also environmentally friendly. Any ideas?

Eco-friendly business plans for the New Year:
• Business Card Stamp
Instead of buying and printing more business cards I’m going to order a stamp with my business card info. Then I can stamp it right onto packages, reused paper, prints, and more.

• Biodegradable Tape
Currently my packages are taped with regular packaging tape. I’d like to replace it with tape that isn’t harmful to the environment. Now I just have to find some biodegradable tape and make it happen.

Image Source: Grasshopper Blog


Do you have any more ideas on making your business Eco-friendly? What have you tried? Share your successful transitions or failures if something didn’t turn out how you hoped in the comments.


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