In the Face of Difficulty

It’s January first, the start of a new year. Many of us are starting our New Year’s resolutions, jumping into our goals, and submerging ourselves into our word…

What is a Word of the Year?
If you haven’t heard of this one word per year submergence, that’s okay. I’m still learning about it myself. Some people choose a word at the beginning of the year. Only one word. At first I thought it was strange to commit to one word. I mean, if you want to use words to inspire you or improve yourself, why would you limit yourself to one?
As the new year got closer I started to see more and more “word of the year” posts on Instagram and reading blog posts about how it can change your life. Now I’m starting to get why you would choose one word. It is not limiting. In fact, it’s potentially limitless.

Choosing Your Word
The word you choose becomes a guide for your whole year. Therefore, you should choose wisely. Stay away from negative words and negative definitions. Your word should focus on a characteristic you want to improve on.
For example, if you know you have a difficult time trusting yourself or others, “trust” might be a good characteristic to focus on this year. You could work on:
Trust in your ability to make choices and assert yourself to accomplish your goals.
Trust in your family and friends to support you when you need them.
Trust you will get through each day and know everything will turn out all right in time.
Other traits to focus on could be Dare, Inspire, Courage, Believe, Truth, Friendship, Strength, or Heal.
Now that you know a little bit more about what a word of the year entails, I’m going to share my word of the year.
My word of the year for 2015 is “Persevere.”

Persevere (verb.) – to continue a course of action even in the face of difficulty

This is the word I am using to shape my year. When work is slow, life is hectic, and energy is lacking, I’ll look at my word and carry-on.

Do you have a word? If not, what would would it be?

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