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Recently I ran across a shared link in my Facebook feed about productivity. I’m always interested to read small business advice from successful entrepreneurs, open to learn something new, and share it if I believe the core of the post has something worth sharing. 7 Ways to Be More Productive in 2015 by Lisa Jacobs of Marketing Creativity is definitely worth the read.

ways-to-be-more-productive-marketing-creativity-by-Lisa-Jacobs Suggestions one through six all sound like great advice. And I’ve definitely learned some great tips I plan to apply to my own small business productivity.

Having a morning schedule that gets your day started on the right foot is definitely important. Working toward your goal results is an obvious one. Poor work = poor results. Quality work = quality results.

My admin day is usually Saturday. As an only parent, my days Monday through Friday are very full of writing practice, reading time, play time, art time, etcetera with my little prince. On Saturday however my parents and my sister are usually around to spend time with him and give me a little break to work on what I love. Before I relax I schedule blog posts, put up any listings waiting to be activated, edit any new product photos, and check in with any social media notifications I may have missed. I don’t have to worry about email since I filter and go through it daily.

The seventh way to be productive, however, is not the best idea for me. Standing for long periods of time is not good for my health, especially for 50 minutes of work. I can definitely see the productivity benefits of a standing desk however. And might give it a go… with shorter intervals of standing. The best idea would be work time sitting and work time standing. For example, if your business is sewing products, maybe your standing time would be patterns, cutting and pinning your product together while your sitting time would be at the sewing machine. For your health, it’s best to switch positions and not stand or sit for too long. Too much of anything is not good. Balance is key.

Be sure to stop by Lisa Jacobs’ post,  7 Ways to Be More Productive in 2015, she has some great advice. What doesn’t work for me, might work great for you, and vice versa. But it doesn’t hurt to be open and try something new.

What sure fire ways do you use to have a productive day?
What have you tried that seems to block your productivity rather than help it?

Thanks for stopping by. Now I have to go get ready for my sister’s engagement party.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend,


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