A Featured Brand Story

At the beginning of the year I had written out a list of goals I wanted to accomplish to meet my larger goal. I set them high with the expectation I wouldn’t meet them but would find my business in a place I could be proud of.

Goals for 2015
Take better product photos
Refine product descriptions
Raise sales per month
Create a cohesive product line
Blog Regularly
Define my brand story
Become a Storenvy Featured Brand

So far, I have improved my product photos & descriptions. My product line is slowly becoming more cohesive. I’ve defined my brand story. All my responses for the Featured Brand application were typed out – I had planned to apply for at the end of the year if I accomplished all my goals.

I have not yet accomplished raising my monthly sales, I’m still trying to blog regularly, activity seemed low, and I felt my brand just wasn’t going where I wanted it to be after two years. Which is why I began to create a new brand entirely.

New brand name, new domain name, new color scheme, new email and social media accounts, new goals and focus. I created an entirely different brand ready to go live once I deleted this one. The only things they had in common: My FieldCards™ and Focused on Nature. Everything was ready to go on Wednesday. (I’ll share more about this on Monday.) I was going to begin transitioning from Pinecone Grove to the new brand on Friday. Thursday I took off because it was my sister’s birthday.

Then I got an email on Thursday. My sister’s birthday. My day off. It changed my whole outlook.

Just as I was prepared to throw in the towel and start from scratch I got an email from Storenvy saying, “We’re so happy to have you selling in the marketplace. You’re business is pretty AWESOME. We’d be stoked to add you to our Featured Brands!”

I had to read it several times before I convinced myself it was an invitation to be an Featured Brand. Even after that, I had to talk to one of my business associates & good friend to see what she thought about it. She convinced me it was legit, happening, and a great opportunity. So I got on my computer and began working on setting up my marketplace to become a Featured Brand. About fourteen hours of work later I had merged my old brand design with the new one, compiled some photos for the brand story page, and redefined my brand story before finally emailing Storeny back that my featured marketplace store was ready to go live.

Pinecone Grove is now a Featured Brand on Storenvy.

Pinecone Grove Featured Brand Store

I’d like to thank Storenvy for this amazing opportunity and my business friends who helped keep me on track.

You can see my Featured Storenvy Shop here.

 Thanks for visiting the Grove,

– Ashley


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