4 Reasons to Keep Your Brand Name

On Saturday I blogged about throwing in the towel the day before opportunity came knocking. Sometimes opportunity really does have a knack for timing and in my case it did. There was so much I felt I wasn’t succeeding at with Pinecone Grove. I hadn’t raised my monthly sales, I couldn’t seem to get blogging regularly, activity seemed low across the board, and I felt my brand just wasn’t going where I wanted it to be after two years. Which is why I began to create a new brand entirely.

If you’re reading this, maybe you are thinking about changing your brand. I was all set to change my brand, start from scratch. But I didn’t. Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t either.

1. Recognition & Trust

Returning customers are awesome! They are returning because they recognize and trust products, your customer service, and your brand.

Even though my brand has evolved a lot over two years, I have customers who know my brand, know my website, and may want to come back again. If they go to my site and see my shop is gone or that I have moved, why should they try to find my new store?

Don’t erase what they love about your brand because you have doubt. Instead, evolve your brand into something you’re proud of. Your customers will probably love it all the more too.

2. Business DNA

Your brand is a part of you now. It represents your passion, your work, and your promise to yourself and your customers. 

One of the struggles I had when deciding to change my brand was being attached to the brand I created. I’ve put a lot of time, passion, and effort into Pinecone Grove. I’ve seen it grow and mature into a small business. I’ve now realized it will always be growing, maturing, just as we do. That’s progress. It’s worth the wait elbow grease.

When you look back at the very start of your brand and where you’re at now, do you see progress? If so, that means it has more room to grow, more potential. Don’t throw away a good seed. Nurture it.

3. Don’t Miss Out On An Opportunity

If you give up on your brand to start from scratch, think of all the opportunities you could be missing out on.

Just as I was about to give up I got an amazing opportunity. Someone thought my brand was special, a brand that should be featured, and reached out TO ME to make it happen. It was something I never even thought could transpire. Becoming a featured brand was on my wish/goal list. But I thought I had to start from scratch to get there. I was wrong, and I couldn’t be happier.

If I had deleted my brand on Thursday, I would have missed out on something I’d been hoping for since I started my brand.

4. Avoid the Restart Habit

If you restart your brand now, what is to stop you from restarting it again in a year or two? Alternative: make small changes to improve your brand.

I’m someone who likes change. If it were practical, I’d probably paint my room once a month. Seeing as that is not practical, I make subtle changes that make me enjoy my surrounds more and more. The same goes for branding.
From the start of Pinecone Grove I’ve had the itch to change the name, change the colors, start all over and back again. Recreating my brand from scratch every time I have that itch to redesign isn’t viable.

Avoid the habit of restarting your brand. Instead, use your creative itch to make subtle changes to improve and evolve your brand.

Ultimately you should weigh the pros and cons of changing your brand or improving the one you have. I hope this blog post helps you make the decision that is right for you.


Do you have any suggestions for those struggling with their brand? Share your reasons to keep (or not keep) your brand name.



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