Make Your Biz Eco-Friendly | 2nd Edition

December of last year I wrote a post called Make Your Biz Eco-Friendly that shared some of my successful and failed attempts of making my business eco-friendly. Now, almost a year later I have some revisions to the list.

Switching to more environmentally friendly habits can also save you money in your small business. Cody, from Daft Crafts shares 9 ways to run a more eco indie business – and save money! I’ve already applied some of these to my business and plan to add more.

My successful attempts at an Eco-friendly business:

• Reusing Boxes
For shipping my products I reuse and recycle boxes around the house. I even reuse the packaging from orders I purchase from my printers other online stores.

• 2-in-1 Letter Envelope
I’ve done away with envelopes. For thank-you notes and letters I use the paper itself as the envelope by folding it in on itself, addressing it by hand, and adding a stamp.

• Paint Colors
Colors and more Colors! I used to buy acrylic paint colors like I could never have enough. They weren’t very expensive… per bottle. Then I realized it all adds up, and a lot of them, wind up not getting used or dried out. Now I use all watercolor paints and keep my paint colors limited to 8 basic colors. I mix them to get the color I need. I don’t waste paint and spend a lot less money. Plus, I’m a great deal happier with the colors I create on my own.

• Business Card Stamp
Instead of buying and printing more business cards I purchased a stamp with my business card info from Twin Soul Art Studio. Now I can stamp it right onto packages, reused paper, prints, and more.

• Biodegradable Tape
My packages used to be taped with regular packaging tape. Now I’ve replaced that tape with Reinforced Kraft Paper Tape (renewable & recyclable) from EcoEnclose.

• 100% Organic
All Pinecone Grove tees are currently 100% organic cotton.

My failed attempts at an Eco-friendly business:

• Bamboo Paper
As I shared before, at one point I considered printing on bamboo paper but it wasn’t cost effective. I am still searching for a cost effective way to produce my prints that is also environmentally friendly. I’ve even looked into possibly printing all my prints on my own but that would compromise the quality of my prints. For now, this is still a search in progress.

• Bamboo Tees
Yep, bamboo tees. Bamboo fiber makes incredibly soft and comfortable clothing. Extra bonus, it’s a very renewable resource. I’m looking for a printer that fits the price range of our tees and uses these environmentally friendly tees.


Do you have any more ideas on making your business Eco-friendly? What have you tried? Share your successful transitions or failures if something didn’t turn out how you hoped.



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