Brand Rep Search for Pinecone Grove

Welcome to the Pinecone Grove Brand Ambassador Search. This new program invites real life families to join in our Fall and Winter product lineup. Today I’ll be launching a “brand rep search” on Instagram where I’m seeking 3 families with kids between 2 and 12 years of age to participate in a collaborative exchange. I will send the selected families over $100 worth of Pinecone Grove t-shirts and expedition products with an opportunity to design their own custom order. In return I am looking for quality photos and content shared online. I’ll get down to the specifics below.

If you’re already familiar with the Pinecone Grove brand, welcome back & thank you for your continued support! For those who are just being introduced to my brand: Pinecone Grove is an expedition outfitter for kids and parents. We design for families on-the-go who love to have fun & explore nature together. My goal is to connect with genuine people, who live authentic everyday lives – the ups and the downs because life is messy like that. If you’re interested in representing Pinecone Grove, generating interest, and can share quality photographs then please join our team.

The Specifics

Told you I’d get around to them 😉 

I will select up to 3 brand ambassadors (parents can participate with their kids as one ambassador family) who, in exchange for merchandise, are agreeing to tag @Pinecone_Grove and post 2 different pictures per product within the 6 month period. (Example: if you receive 3 tees you would share & tag 6 individual posts) In addition to the exchange of product I will also ask you for feedback/ideas and offer an option to vote on new product line designs.

I know all the kid ambassadors are going to be adorable so I will not be choosing based on looks. I am interested in well lit and naturally styled photographs.

Check out these 12 Tips for Brand Reppin’ of Kids from Little Boys Rock if you need a little help with photographing or deciding if being a Brand Ambassador is for you and your little.

Brand Ambassadors Apply on IG

  1. Head over to Instagram: Follow @Pinecone_Grove
  2. Repost the Brand Ambassador Image on your IG account
  3. Enter to win by tagging up to 3 recent well lit & naturally styled pictures with #GroveRepSearch *** You can tag up to 3 photos per day ***

Bonus – Take a moment to introduce yourself. Comment and say hello!

 Brand Ambassador Search Open
September 1 – September 22, 2015


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