Presenting Our Brand Ambassadors

For the past few weeks, parents have been on Instagram, submitting photos of their little explorers for a chance to join the Pinecone Grove Expedition Team as Brand Ambassador Families. All the kids were adorable (of course! because what kid isn’t?). The three ambassador families were chosen based on photos that were well lit and naturally styled. Because there were so many great entries, I decided to provide three more families the chance to be Brand Enthusiasts. Thank you for all who participated in the search and spread the word. Without further ado, I present Pinecone Grove’s Brand Ambassadors and Brand Enthusiasts.

Brand Ambassadors

A program that invites real-life families to join in our expedition team by representing our expedition gear and education tools in exchange for quality photos and content shared online.

Olivia & Chase

Lauren is the mother of two children fondly called Sweet Pea and Bug. Olivia (Sweet Pea) is an aspiring model. Almost six years old, she enjoys dressing up, riding bikes, singing, dancing and exploring. Chase (Bug), soon to be five, loves bugs, playing in the mud, and riding horses. These siblings explore the world together and Olivia loves to help her brother learn about their findings.


Ronin and his family had taken a hiatus from rep-ing brands for the past season. When we announced our brand ambassador search, they decided to jump back in. Blowing bubbles, watering plants, and piling up trains seem to be some of Ronin’s favorite activities.

Rylee & Benson

Rylee and Benson are a sister and brother pair that love to go outside and explore with their family. They are an environmentally conscious team that aims to live green every day.

 Brand Enthusiasts

A program that invites real-life families to join in our expedition team by representing our expedition gear and education tools at 20% off in exchange for quality photos and content shared online.

Zoey & Poet

Faith is the mother of Zoey and Poet, two girls that love to run, climb trees, and enjoy the outdoors.

Landyn & Cayden

These three-year-old twins, Landyn & Cayden are two active boys that love superheroes, swimming, and Disneyland. Their family loves to shop at small businesses.

Forrest & Izzy

Jessica is the mother of Forrest and Izzy. This family loves the outdoors and learning about nature. Forrest is often mistaken to be older than he is. He is an adventurous little boy and not afraid to climb on anything. Izzy is a sweet six-year-old in the first grade. She loves to dress up, and take pictures outside.

Thank You!

And that is our Brand Ambassador and Brand Enthusiast Lineup. I look forward to working with you all on the Pinecone Grove Fall & Winter product line. Thank you again to all who entered the Brand Ambassador Search and spread the word.


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