Early Risers & Night Owls

People often ask, “Are you an early riser or night owl?”
I’ve never actually been able to answer that question.

I am always fatigued because of my heart; some days are better than others. Still, I wake up before sunrise without an alarm clock, in a good mood, ready to start the day. Writing in the morning comes easy, although I don’t claim to be a very good editor at any time of the day, ha ha. The sun is currently rising outside my window as I write this post. I’ll schedule it to post at 11am. Does that make me an early riser?
After my son goes to sleep I exercise for my heart, making it strong enough to keep up with my little prince each day. When I’m done I usually take notes of anything I need to do the next day so I don’t have to worry about forgetting it in my sleep. Often times I wind up writing and catching up on work. Staying up after midnight is really easy for me as well. Especially when I am creating. Does that make me a night owl? My best guess is one of these two options: “I am both an early riser and a night owl,” or… “I am neither an early riser nor a night owl.”

My son, on the other hand, I would definitely classify as a night owl. He never wants to go to sleep and used to do so very sparingly. His old schedule was pretty much determined by him. Yes, that means there wasn’t really a schedule. He’d fall asleep anywhere between 11pm and 3am then wake up between 5am and 9am full of energy and not showing any signs of exhaustion. Thankfully he does sleep at least seven hours at night now. Sometimes he sleeps as many as eleven. Once he started sleeping a decent number of hours, I was finally able to set him on a real schedule.

A Glimpse of Our Daily Schedule

6:00 – 6:30am Wake up, make the bed, and eat breakfast.

7:00 – 11:30am Pre-K Homeschool (outside & inside)

11:30am – 12pm Lunch

12:30pm Homework and Self-study (reading about topics he is interested in)

1:00pm Nap if needed and outdoor play

5:00pm Dinner

6:00pm Wind down with the family. Usually entails a movie on the couch, my son telling everyone a story, or him singing and dancing to his current favorite song “Old Time Rock ‘n Roll.” We were all pretty surprised too. At least he picked a good song to latch on to.

7:00pm Bath, story time, and bedtime.

Sticker Charts

Like anyone else, sometimes everything goes according to plan, and others the schedule seems to fly out the window. We have a sticker chart that he gets to add stickers to when he completes something on his schedule. This encourages him to do things on time and without a fuss. When the chart is full, he gets treated to something he wants to do such as going to the park, seeing a movie at the cinema, or playtime at Chuck E Cheese. Overall, our days are fun, productive, and organized.

Are your Early Risers or Night Owls?
Do you have a schedule for your little ones?

What worked or didn’t work for your schedule?

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