Two Year Envyversary Prize Line-up!

The prize line-up for Pinecone Grove’s 2 – Year Envyversary Celebration is here! All of the sponsors are shop owners, and over half the entries into the giveaway will be earned by Watching their Storenvy shops and Envying products from their shops, so if you haven’t joined yet, do it now so you can earn as many entries as possible over the next week to win this loot worth over $50!

Grand Prize
Pinecone Grove Envyversary Bundle


Autumn Leaves Pocket FieldCard™ Set
from Pinecone Grove

Autumn Leaf Presentation

Crochet Turtle
from The Craft Penguin

Crochet Turtle from The Craft Penguin

Autumn Dangle Earrings
from Cherished

Autumn Dangle Earrings from Cherished

Turkey Crochet Hat
from Bownanza Utah

Turkey Crochet Hat from Bownanza Utah

Fluffy Plots Print
from Wilde Designs

Fluffy Plots Print from Wilde Designs

Copper Seed Pod Earrings
from Raven Eye Forge

Copper Seed Pod Earrings from Raven Eye Forge

Kimono Fabric Stamped Bracelet
from The Rogue Phoenix

Kimono Fabric Stamped Bracelet from The Rogue Phoenix


The giveaway for all these great prizes launches at midnight EST!  Sign up for now!


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Which prize are you most excited about?


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