Mountain Expedition

Adventure Log

Location: Whiteoak Canyon Trail, Shenandoah National Park
Date: Saturday, October 17, 2015
Conditions: Partly Sunny. Temperatures in the High 40༠s. Visibility 10 miles.
Team Members: EC, Ash, & my dad

This past weekend we camped in Luray, Virginia with my parents and grandfather. It was a mix of campfires, trick-or-treating, jungle gym shenanigans, a tour of Luray Caverns, and hiking in the mountains.

Sitting on the Wall

We planned a hike with my dad on Saturday. The goal was a mile down the mountain, take a break, and hike a mile back up. Instead we hiked a total of five miles! My heart stayed strong and I made the hike with minimal breaks. It was empowering and I can’t wait to go on another mountain hike. I’ve missed the climb.  

We enjoyed the amazing autumn colors, refreshing mountain air, and musical waterfalls (you know: all those babbling and whispering sounds they make.) For lunch, we found a nice large rock to sit on by some waterfalls.

Point sm

EC got tired on the way back up the mountain and was carried most of the way to the truck. He promptly fell asleep in the car seat as we drove to the campground. The good news is, he really enjoyed the hike as well. Especially all the sticks we collected. He decided to leave the acorns though. “My squirrel friends are hungry,” he said as he put the acorns back. (adorable moments ❤️)

Do you like hiking in the mountains?
If so, do you have a favorite trail?


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