How to Save the Day Like a Kid

The logic of children can be astounding, even when it is inaccurate. They see things in a straightforward way that we, as adults, do not. The other day my son came up with a logical way to save the day and I just have to share. But first, a little background on his super hero expertise.

EC, my four-year-old son, loves watching super hero cartoons, you may not have heard of. One of his new favorites is PJ Masks – a show about three friends that turn into super heroes in their pajamas at night and stop villains from messing with your day. Another is Paw Patrol – a few episodes with Super Rubble! There was also an episode of Wallykazam against Victor the Villain. I’m sure there are more. But these shows have encouraged EC to have “Super Strength” when helping me lift things, and “Super Speed” to open the door for me. Or get to the bathtub first, ha. He has even started playing Super Hero and Super Villain with me. (The villain always turns good at the end and becomes the hero’s friend.) Surprisingly he likes taking turns being villain and hero. Yes, I know, my kid is awesome 😉 Now that I’ve given you some background into our play time I’ll get back to my point on his astounding logic that inspired this post.

How to Save the Day with Astounding Child Logic…

During free play the other day EC took my hand and said, “Mommy the Villain, it’s time for you to steal the day!”
“How do I steal the day?” I asked.
He stopped to think for a moment, then replied, “I don’t know. But you have to steal the day so Hero Emmett can save the day.”

For a second I was shocked at the conclusion he came to, but I instantly loved how much sense it made. In fact I thought it was so logical there was no way I could argue differently. So I stole the day and he saved it. This may not seem like much of a note worthy event to you, but to me, as his Mom, I think it’s positively fantastic.

What conclusion has your child come to with his or her astounding logic? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments.


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