Remember Lincoln Logs?

Do you remember playing with Lincoln Logs when you were younger? I used to have a ton of them in a gigantic tin can – at least it seemed gigantic to me at the time. I would build various layouts of cabins, horse stables with toy horses inside, and “fence in” my property. Every time it turned out different and I loved it. I know my son would love to have a large set like I did, but this shop made Lincoln Logs even better. Let me introduce you to Shaun from Color Cabin.

train shed

Behind the Brand


For nearly a century, Lincoln Logs have come in brown. But kids don’t care that actual logs are brown. Their toys come in all kinds of colors. Color Cabin logs are stained a light shade of blue, green, red or yellow. Other than the color, you’ll find that they look almost exactly like regular Lincoln Logs. They come with 1, 2, 3 and 4 notches. I was surprised to see that 4-notch logs have disappeared from most Lincoln Log sets these days, as they were my favorite growing up.
– Shaun, Color Cabin

gray and blude cabin

Sample From the Color Cabin Shop

Shaun is contributing samples of his handcrafted Color Cabin logs to our Eco Gift Bags. Soon, you’ll get to see the quality cut and stain (or natural wood) of his products in person with your holiday season purchases from Pinecone Grove.

Don’t want to wait? You can visit the Color Cabin shop here.

Eco Gift Sponsor Introductions

Last week I announced my shop’s new Eco Gift Bag Program. This program is supported by small businesses that inspire. Throughout the holiday season I’ll be introducing our Eco Gift Bag sponsors on the blog so you can learn more about these brands. Each participating small business in the program is currently working on sending me samples of their product to include in our Eco Gift Bags for you, my fantastic customers. You’ll find an assortment of handmade & earth-friendly businesses you can trust. Love what you received in your Eco Gift Bag? Snap a picture and share the love with your followers. #EcoGiftProgram

Can I Join the Eco Gift Bag Program?

Yes! With all the ads, coupons, and promotional information out there it can be difficult to standout. If you’re a small business owner looking for a creative way to promote your brand this holiday season then the Eco Gift Bag Program might be just what you need. Learn more and apply with the clicky link below.

Apply Now

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Adventuring!
–  Ash, Expedition Leader


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