Plant Some Paper

Watching plants grow can be fascinating, especially when you plant the seeds yourself. It’s also a great learning opportunity for kids. They can experiment, study, and record their experience in growing plants. But what about adding a little mystery to the lesson by planting paper?

Plantable Seed Paper

Plant Paper and Watch it Grow…


Planting Paper products from Davita: Recycled Goddess are embedded with a mix of organic wildflower seeds including: cornflower, siberian sunflower, shasta daisy, california poppy, blanketflower, rose mallow, blue flax, scarlet flax, black-eyed susan, catchfly, white yarrow, foxglove, baby snapdragon, evening primrose and many more. These plantable seed papers provide a great learning tool when it comes to classifying plants. Stop by your local library to check out a book on Wildflowers in America, pull out your child’s field journal, and let them observe their new plants.

Behind the Brand

– an earth-friendly papermaking studio –

jamie mccoy

Jamie McCoy, owner and maker of Davita: Recycled Goddess, is an environmental artist that creates plantable paper, upcycled art and seed bombs from junk mail and scraps from other paper projects. Her plantable paper and seed bombs are available in any quantity or color, a great way to customize your lesson plan. Her company is very Earth-friendly from product to packaging. She reuses shipping materials when available and even walks to the post office when weather and time allows – now that, is going to extra mile! The Davita: Recycled Goddess brand is one you can trust will make a good impact on your family’s green-lifestyle.


In this paper little seeds lie in wait
To be planted in your garden or, perhaps, near your gate.
Find a nice spot and cover with a quarter inch of dirt
… And a little bit of water sure wouldn’t hurt!
Soon you’ll spend a beautiful day under the sky
In your new patch of flowers, like cosmos, daisies and catchfly!
– Jamie, Davita: Recycled Goddess

 Everything Davita

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Stock up for your next nature lesson on the growth of plants or just have fun planting beautiful recycled paper that will grow into a beautiful mix of wildflowers at the Davita: Recycled Goddess shop.


Get a behind the scenes look in the life of Jamie McCoy by following her Davita: Recycled Goddess blog on Tumblr.

Plantable Reindeer Gift Tags from Davita
Plantable Reindeer Gift Tags from Davita: Recycled Goddess on Etsy.

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 Samples from Davita

– a little gift for your earth-friendly home –


Jamie is contributing samples of her handcrafted Plantable Paper items with planting instructions to our Eco Gift Bags. Soon, you’ll be able to plant cute heart-shaped seed paper yourself with holiday season purchases from Pinecone Grove.

Pinecone Grove’s Eco Gift Bag program is supported by small businesses that inspire. Throughout the holiday season I’ll be introducing our Eco Gift Bag sponsors on the blog so you can learn more about these brands. Each participating small business in the program is currently working on sending me samples of their product to include in our Eco Gift Bags for you, my fantastic customers. You’ll find an assortment of handmade & earth-friendly businesses you can trust. Love what you received in your Eco Gift Bag? Snap a picture and share the love with your followers. #EcoGiftProgram

Can I Join the Eco Gift Bag Program? Yes! With all the ads, coupons, and promotional information out there it can be difficult to standout. If you’re a small business owner looking for a creative way to promote your brand this holiday season then the Eco Gift Bag Program might be just what you need. Learn more at the Eco Gift Bag Program form.

Have you ever tried growing seed paper?

Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments.

Happy Adventuring!
– Ashley, Expedition Leader


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