2 Link-Ups You Need To See

You may have noticed my new Earth-Friendly Link-Up the past few weeks. It’s a great way to share your products, expand you audience, and discover other awesome small business owners like yourself. Here are two you’ll definitely want to check out if you love to shop handmade or want to link-up your own products.

Handmade Mania Weekly Link-up from Kiser Krafts Handmade. If you make it with your own hands including designed items then this is a great place to link-up. Last week’s Handmade Mania link-up had 28 links, 61 clicks, and 106 views! Plus, Kiser Krafts Handmade gives you 6 chances to be featured on the next week’s link-up.

Next is the Penguin Luv Weekly Link-Up from The Craft Penguin. Don’t let the name fool you. It isn’t a link-up for penguins. Although penguins are adorable and obviously allowed. You may link up any individual items that you created from your online shop. Last week’sPenguin Luv Link-Up link-up had 38 links, 33 clicks, and 54 views! That’s still really good views. And… The Craft Penguin also gives you 6 chances to be featured on the next week’s link-up.

That means if you join both link-ups, you’ll have 12 chances to be featured on a blog and lots of sharing love on other blogs, Twitter, and Facebook! Maybe even on Instagram. Who knows? You won’t until you try.

My Picks from Handmade Mania Week 14 Link-up

Holiday Penguin Wooden Egg Toy from Landon’s Toy Box
Crochet Turtle from The Craft Penguin
Explorer Gift Tags from Wilde Designs


My Picks from Penguin Luv Week 14 Link-Up

Small Mon-stor Tooth Pillow from Lu & Ed
Owl Birthday Favor Tags from Adore by Nat
Very Loved Sock Monkey Coffee Cozy from #QTsyLife


What are your favorite products from the link-ups?

Know of another great link-up?
Share it in the comments!


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