Week 5 Highlights | #EarthLinkUp

This week we will no be having a link-up. In fact, the next one will not be until January. But I still wanted to share the highlights from last week with you. Thank you all for joining and sharing.

The Earth-Friendly Link-Up by Pinecone Grove

Last Week in Review

Last week’s link up had 35 views, 15 links, 21 clicks. Here are the highlights.

EarthLinkUp Most Clicked Week 5

White Button Earrings from Wilde Designs
Autumn Leaf Lesson Cards from Pinecone Grove
Toy Storage Mon-stor – Hojee from Lu & Ed

EarthLinkUp Grove Picks Week 5

Medium Stuffed Monster – Pesa from Lu & Ed
Mermaid Tail Blanket for Elf on the Shelf from Penguin Place
Mama Zuke’s Apple Pie Chai from ZukeTeas

Thanks for Joining #EarthLinkUp

See you next year!


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