The Earth-Friendly Link-Up | Week 6

Welcome back to the Earth-Friendly Link-Up by Pinecone Grove. Twenty-Sixteen is here and we are ready to see your fantastic earth conscious products!

This weekly link-up is for earth-friendly small businesses to share products from their online shop to help expand audience reach. Participants share each others products on various social media sites to spread awareness and generate organic activity. Share this link up with other earth conscious small business shops so we can all meet someone new. Thank you for joining and sharing.

The Earth-Friendly Link-Up by Pinecone Grove



Our last link-up from December, was our fifth week of #EarthLinkUp. That week, our link-up received 35 views, 15 links, 21 clicks. You can see the highlights here.



Rule 1: Add up to THREE (3) individual products from your shop
Rule 2: Share at least TWO (2) products from the collection via social media using #EarthLinkUp in your post.
BONUS: tag the shop you are sharing for.

If you can, take a moment to comment with the products you shared and where. I will do my best to respond timely. Thank you.


Step 1: Click on the Blue Frog Inlinkz button
Step 2: In the first text box add the URL to your individual product. Press “Tab”
Step 3: Product details should automatically appear in the second text box. Edit those as you wish.
Step 4: Add your email address in the third text box. (not seen by anyone but me)
Step 5: Select a thumbnail photo and click DONE.

Thanks for Joining #EarthLinkUp

Your product has 6 chances of being featured in next week’s link-up. Help this link-up grow by sharing it with someone else this week. The more we share this earth-friendly link-up, the more people will view our shops, and the greater potential of turning a person into a customer. I look forward to seeing your #EarthLinkUp products.


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