Secrets of Snow | Day 1

A Week of Snow Discovery for You and Your Little Explorer

For the first day of our Secrets of Snow Week, we are going to have some snow vocabulary. Giving your child vocabulary words provides a foundation for more in depth lessons and activities in your homeschool snow or winter unit. You can use this time to practice memorizing the words with flash cards or writing their meanings in their journals. Getting creative with color coding, charts, or illustrations is a plus too. Apply, add, or subtract from this list however you see fit 🙂


precipitation – forms of water (rain, snow, sleet, hail, etc…) that fall from the sky

snowflake – a six-sided ice crystal

ice crystal – water vapor that has frozen into solid ice


frost – an ice crystal that forms on a surface such as a blade of grass or a window pane

icicle – a spike of ice formed by the freezing of dripping water

freezing temperature – thirty-two degrees fahrenheit; 32℉

What words would you add to your winter vocabulary list?


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