Secrets of Snow | Day 3

A Week of Snow Discovery for You and Your Little Explorer

Once upon a time, in science class, we made “ice” crystals, watch them grow, and then ate them. It was a fun and tasty experiment. So I decided to add a similar experiment to our snow week lessons. However, we aren’t really making “ice” crystals. Instead we are making sugar crystals, also known as rock candy. This kitchen experiment is a lot of fun for kids and it helps them visualize how snowflakes form in the sky. Plus, who doesn’t love the chance to eat some rock candy?

Make Your Own Rock Candy Tutorial from Paging Fun Mums

I came across this awesome blog called Paging Fun Mums and they have a great recipe for making your own rock candy. The great thing about this experiment is you can chose whatever colors or flavoring you’d like. If you’re ready to make some rock candy, head on over to How to make your very own Rock Candy at home! by Paging Fun Mums. Since this experiment takes some time to “grow” I’ll be updating this post by adding our experiment photos and results below. You will also be able to see our photos on Instagram with #PGLessonPlans. Feel free to tag your rock candy experiment pictures and posts on Instagram and Twitter with @Pinecone_Grove and #PGLessonPlans.

Results Coming Soon

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