Wilde Features

Recently, Pinecone Grove was featured on the Wilde Designs’ blog by Beth Howard. I appreciate the opportunity to appear on her blog and want to take a moment to share some of her other great Wilde Features with you.

Wilde Feature: Alecia of Cherished

“What’s your favorite thing to draw/make/create?
I think my tree of life is my current favorite.”


Wilde Feature: Katie of Nerdfelt

“A lot of my designs are inspired by the books I read or the shows and movies that I watch, most of which are pretty nerdy. Sometimes I’ll hear a great quote that resonates with me, or just an iconic line (Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.) that I really wished I owned on a mug or a t-shirt.”


Wilde Feature: Amanda of Nerdtastic

“I’ve always been a maker of things but after I moved to Chicago I decided I needed to do something for me since I didn’t know anybody in this city aside from my husband and kids. Attending Wizard World Comic Con inspired me to open my own shop and make my art my job.”


And, you can see our feature at: Wilde Feature: Ashley of Pinecone Grove

“My son is a great help when it comes to finding inspiration for my shop. He loves exploring the outdoors and learning about the wildlife we discover. Time is my biggest struggle so this year I’m focusing more work time on product creation.”


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