4 Reasons Why You’ll Love My Newsletter

It’s time to build my mailing list. In the next few month’s I have a lot planned for Pinecone Grove and I don’t want you to miss out on shop deals, news, expeditions, lesson plans, or your $10 Grove Bucks codes. That’s why I’m interrupting your regularly scheduled programing to tell you about my monthly newsletter. (Don’t worry. You can Pin this page and read it later.)

To those of you who are Grove Members… Hi! Thanks for supporting Pinecone Grove. Happy to have you 🙂 To everyone else, here are 4 Reasons Why You Will Love My Newsletter.

#1: A direct line to my inbox

I love to hear from my newsletter subscribers. I ask people to let me know about their family’s current wildlife interests so I can try to incorporate that in upcoming products and tips on the blog. All emails come directly from me. Just hit reply to start a conversation any time!

#2: Exclusive insider news

Grove Newsletter Members get a monthly email from me. This is where I share new products, exclusive prices, nature fund updates, and curated earth conscious topics you’ll love. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

#3: Tips on exploring with kids

We love to get outside, have fun, and learn. Sometimes though, it can be tough to dress our little explorers in the right clothes or know which tools are really necessary for a botany expedition. That is why I’ve been reading and experimenting… A LOT! And now I’m ready to share my tips and sources with you and your family.

#4: Monthly Grove Bucks winners

Grove Bucks .noun. – a code used at Pinecone Grove’s checkout to get dollars off your entire purchase. Grove Bucks last as long as my shop does. So if you win, you can spend it right away or wait until you’re ready to go shopping.Make sure you open all your newsletters so you don’t miss out. Each month, a winner is drawn from subscribers with a 100% open rate.

I’m always excited to begin a newsletter edition with MailChimp once a month and press SEND. I do hope you’ll join in with me. Sign Up For Your Grove Newsletter Membership Here.

Don’t Get Lost. Don’t forget to add my email – pineconegrove@gmail.com – to your address book so newsletters don’t wind up hiding in those pesky filters.

What If? Not sure if my newsletter is for you? Then take it for a trial run. If you change you’re mind, you can click unsubscribe button at anytime in the bottom of the email. It’s that easy.

Newsletter Love. Do you have a favorite newsletter? What do you love most about it? Share the newsletter love in the comments.


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