Wilde Designs | A Shop Story

The weird stuff is the best stuff!
– Beth Howard

Monthly Shop Story with Pinecone Grove

Welcome to our March Shop Story Feature! Shop Story by Pinecone Grove is a blog publication that connects you, our readers, to small businesses once a month. You’ll get the chance to learn more about brands you love and discover others you may not have come across yet. Today, Beth Howard, owner of Wilde Designs – tells this month’s Shop Story.


Behind the Wilde Designs Brand

Beth Howard from Wilde Designs

“I’ve been making things all my life, but Wilde Designs officially opened up online in 2007 – so it’s almost a decade old now! I’ve always been drawn to quotes – wit, witticism, quips. This led to a real affinity for Oscar Wilde and his work. At the time, I was also in college, child-free, and a bit of a night owl, so in the wee infancy of my business, wildemoon became my preferred username, and Wilde Designs became my business. The brand has evolved over the years, but I’ve never been able to bring myself to change the name. Wilde’s showmanship and bravery in the face of a society that wanted to be entertained by him but not for him to be truly who he was so much of the time inspires me. One of the best things about maturing for me has been letting my geek flag fly proudly. Wilde Designs is at its heart a celebration of loving the strange, the unusual, and the geeky.”

Wilde Designs Team

Home is Where the Hearth Is Sticker from Wilde Designs
“Home is Where the Hearth is” sticker from Wilde Designs

“Wilde Designs is mostly just me, but my toddler ‘helps’ me from time to time, and my husband is technical support and also often does runs to the post office. Even when I’m doing the work, having my family excited about my ventures and emotionally supportive is HUGE.”

Highlights At Wilde Designs

Gray Day Button from Wilde Designs
Gray Day Button from Wilde Designs

“I’ve had days where I wanted to throw in the towel because I was so frustrated and tired. I think we’ve all had that on personal projects of one kind or another. The thing that has kept me going (apart from my wonderful family) is having amazing fans and buyers who share stories with me about their excitement or doing craft fairs and cons and seeing people’s faces light up when they find exactly the thing they’ve been looking for even when they didn’t know they were looking for it. Knowing that my work is making an impact on people makes every second of stress or worry or effort worth it.”

Wilde Designs in the Future

Clear Gaze Art Card from Wilde Designs
Clear Gaze Art Card from Wilde Designs

“Eventually I want to have a regular schedule of in person sales to do (I’m much closer to that this year, so that’s exciting) and have a steady stream of orders heading out the door. This may never replace my full time job, but seeing Wilde Designs succeed is seeing a labor of love bloom.”

Signature Product

Star Wars Large Notebooks from Wilde Designs
Star Wars Large Notebooks from Wilde Designs

“I think I’m biased by being in love with them, but for me the upcycled notebooks are Wilde Designs’ current signature. They all feature covers created from old VHS tapes, calendars, cereal boxes, etc. so they’re not only earth-friendly (their replaced original covers become inserts, boxes, and other things for shipping), they’re super cute. It’s a little bit of earth love, geek love, and retro love all rolled up together, and they’re always a hit!”

If I Could Turn Back Time…

Golden Time Necklace from Wilde Designs
Golden Time Necklace from Wilde Designs

“If I could turn back time, I would plan more carefully. I did a bit too much of putting all my eggs in one basket in the past, and it hurt my business because I wasn’t prepared for things to change. Now I’m more agile and flexible. I’m working to grow my mailing list to keep in better touch with all my buyers and fans. I may not be able to fix any of my mistakes and oversights of the past, but at least I can learn from them!”

A Gift To YOU!

All Pinecone Grove readers can get 20% off EVERYTHING in the store with code WildePinecone use when checking out at wildeshops.com

Connect with Wilde Designs

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Thank You!

Thank you Beth for sharing your Shop Story this month. And thank you to our readers joining us. Don’t forget to checkout the Wilde Designs shop and use your 20% off Code:  WildePinecone


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