Building A Butterfly House

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This past Saturday Emmett (my son), Grandpa (my dad), and I went The Home Depot’s Build A Butterfly House Workshop for kids. When we arrived there was already of line of kids and guardians in line, awaiting their kits and aprons. The employees running the workshop were very kind and helpful. They prepared an area for building and another for painting. With so many people they probably could have used more tables, but we still had a great time.

To start off, Emmett read the instructions included in the kit to us. Glue was offered to keep the wood in place while nailing it together. We skipped the glue and just used the nails to hold it together and a screw for the lid. It worked very well. I mostly took pictures while Emmett built with his grandpa. When It was all put together we went to the paint area. Emmett chose a vibrant green he said would remind the butterflies of leaves. Then – with a little help from me –  he proceeded to paint the inside because…

“Butterflies like to have pretty colors inside too.”

I didn’t see any sign of a “certificate of achievement” or “a commemorative pin,” however, the site does say “while supplies last” so they may have already given out the ones they had before we arrived.

Overall, I think the workshop was great. If you’ve been debating on taking your child to one, I definitely say give it a go.

Have you ever gone to one of The Home Depot workshops? What was your experience?


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