The Dream Client Series

The Dream Client Series from Lu & Ed will help you identify your dream clients, their interests, personality traits, online habits & how to approach them. This is not a new series, just revamped. So I can tell you I’ve tried it, and it works. I love using these tips over and over. Each time I go through what I consider the Dream Client Workbook, I improve my brand and watch it grow into what my dream client is looking for. Click on the images below to be taken to each post or find them all at:

Now, let’s get to analyzing our products and the people we want to see connecting with them! When you think about the most popular, influential people you know that you would love to see sharing your products on social media…

– Cody from Lu & Ed, Identifying Your Dream Clients

….you are working hard to expand & grow your audience organically and bring in additional clients who will help you spread the word about your business in an authentic way.

– Cody from Lu & Ed, Getting To Know Your Dream Clients

My advice: take an afternoon, curl up with a cup of coffee or tea & your favorite notebook & really think about where your dream clients are online.

– Cody from Lu & Ed, How To Find Your Dream Clients

Knowing when your dream clients are online gives you a powerful upper hand on the market – you can cater your social media postings & paid ads to exactly the right time for maximum exposure, meaning that you get better results with less effort – so you can spend less time at a computer & more time making awesome things! Yay!

– Cody from Lu & Ed, Determine When Your Dream Clients Are Online

….because approaching your dream clients is like saying hello & inviting them in for coffee– your profiles on all social media accounts should have a variety of content & products should be shared organically.

– Cody from Lu & Ed, How To Approach Your Dream Clients

Who is your dream client? Do you think your products, photos, and voice fit with your dream client? Share your experience in the comments below.


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