Ding + Kennie | A Shop Story

We create smart reusable cloth solutions.
– Lisa from Ding & Kennie

Monthly Shop Story with Pinecone Grove


Welcome to our May June Shop Story Feature! Shop Story by Pinecone Grove is a blog publication that connects you, our readers, to small businesses once a month. You’ll get the chance to learn more about brands you love and discover others you may not have come across yet. Today, Lisa – Shop Owner & Product Creator at Ding & Kennie – tells this month’s Shop Story.

Welcome Lisa!
Shop Owner & Product Creator at Ding & Kennie

How old is your business?

“My business is almost 6 years old.”

Behind the Brand

“Ding & Kennie is named after my two grandkids, Emma (Ding) and Kenley (Kennie).  We started out making baby items like bibs and burp cloths and over the years evolved to what we create today.  Our desire was to focus on products that were not only sustainable and useful but would save families money in the long run.”

Shop Team

“Just me, myself and I!”


Brand Highlights

“As a shop owner one of my most favorite things is to hear from my customers how much my products have changed their lives. I love seeing the feedback I get.  Whether it’s positive or just so-so, it reassures me that all the time and effort I put in to creating products makes it worth it.”

What future plans do you have for your small business?

“Future plans, hmm. I suppose I would like to gain a few wholesale customers that would allow me to go in to retrial.”

What product do you consider your “signature item”?

“My absolute favorite product to create are panty liners.  I love finding fun new fabrics and turning them in to one of a kind items that are much better for women’s health.”


If I Could Turn Back Time…

“I would definitely have invested in a serger which would have enabled me to make Face Scrubbies way earlier!”


A Gift For You!

“Please use coupon code green2016 for to receive a 20% discount when you shop at Ding and Kennie.”

Connect with Ding and Kennie

Shop | Facebook | Instagram

Thank You!

Thank you Lisa for sharing your Shop Story this month. And thank you to our readers joining us. Don’t forget to checkout the Ding and Kennie shop and use your 20% off Code:  green2016 


Share Your Shop Story

If you would like to be featured as next month’s Shop Story, Apply Here. Be as creative or straightforward with your answers as you’d like. I’ve left the questions and “prompts” open to interpretation so each Shop Story publication will be unique and generate interest for readers. You do not have to answer all of the questions or prompts. Just the ones you feel best reflect your brand. I look forward to sharing your shop story and getting to know more about your business.


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