Smile! It’s the Storenvy Marketplace

Storenvy has an awesome team that loves to reach out and help the shop owners on their platform. I especially enjoy their resource blog because of posts that start off like this…

HOW TO GET MORE EXPOSURE ON STORENVY By stor•en•vy mar•ket•place
/stôrenvē/ /ˈmärkətˌplās/


1. a central hub of small businesses, selling unique products to shoppers around the world.
2. an online marketplace which can bring you more exposure and customers.
3. a really cool dance involving pizza and sneakers that light up.

Not only are Storenvy’s resources helpful, they also put a smile on your face, adding a little comic relief to what might otherwise be a stressful work day.

Thanks for the smiles Storenvy!

What has made you smile today?


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