Expeditions Funding Nature

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The Pinecone Grove Expedition Outfitter encourages you and your little to get outside and explore! Our lesson tools, tees, posters, coffee mugs, and soon to be magazine are all inspired by nature. In fact, we love nature so much, that for every 10 orders placed in our Storenvy shop, we donate $25 to a nature fund. The next order will go toward a Coral Reef Alliance donation.

Coral Reef Alliance Sidebar

The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) works with people around the world to protect our most valuable and threatened ecosystem. Coral reefs are incredibly beautiful and important for the environment. Their intricate fissures and constantly growing structures offer a valuable habitat for many species of fish, marine worms, crustaceans, clams, other animals and plants, all of which play a unique and vital role in the coral reef ecosystem. To protect this remarkable ecosystem, CORAL leads comprehensive conservation programs that improve coral reef health and resilience that are replicated across the globe. You can learn more about this charity on the Coral Reef Alliance website.

Ready to make your next Expedition for Nature? Shop at The Pinecone Grove Expedition Outfitter.


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