The Pinecone Grove Blog is a
Wildlife Learning Hub for Kids & Parents

Welcome to Pinecone Grove’s Blog – a wildlife learning hub for kids and parents. My blog is an extension of my shop – an expedition outfitter for kids and parents founded in 2013. I wanted my brand to be more than a store. My goal is to connect with earth-conscious parents and their kids while we explore and preserve Earth’s wildlife. Our mission is encourage families to live earth-friendly lifestyles through exploration, education, and preservation.

Take School Outdoors

The Pinecone Grove shop supplies lesson cards, apparel, totes, and home goods. Our latest addition is our Pocket FieldCard™ sets. These learning tools fit in your little explorer’s pocket and feature nature lessons on life cycles, natural phenomenon, space fundamentals, and other science studies. Printed on 100% recycled paper, they are durable enough to take out in the field and light enough to carry with you or add to your lapbooks. Shop Pinecone Grove Here.

We Love Earth

Pinecone Grove donates $25 to a nature fund for every 10 orders. We keep an updated list and goal tracker on the footer of our blog. All our products are packaged and shipped in recycled boxes bound with biodegradable tape. Even our thank you notes & letters are folded to become envelopes limiting paper waste. Furthermore, our business card is a stamp used directly on packaging and other recycled materials.

Wildlife is very important to us. That is why we work toward greener living, improving our backyard wildlife habitat, and saving up to help our favorite wildlife charities. These objectives are at the heart of Pinecone Grove. We welcome you to join us in our journey of exploration, education, and preservation.

Meet the Team

Ash - Expedition LeaderASHLEY – ASH
Expedition Leader & Shop Owner

Favorite Expedition Moment: “That invigorating feeling of connecting with nature.”
Favorite Animal: currently Seahorse
Favorite Plant: Morning Glories

Hi! I’m Ash, the expedition leader, shop owner, and mom of this expedition duo. I spend my time seeing the world through my son’s eyes and sharing our lessons with fellow nature lovers.

EC - Inspiration Specialist

Expedition Jr & Inspiration Specialist

Favorite Expedition Moment: “Jumping in muddy puddles.”
Favorite Animal: Squirrel
Favorite Plant: “Acorn Trees”

This is my son, EC. He is our Expedition Junior and Inspiration Specialist. He finds the fun in everything especially with his knack for discovering muddy puddles.

Sweet Pea - Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador

Favorite Expedition Moment: “Finding seeds and planting them.”
Favorite Animal: Kitten
Favorite Plant: Pink Rose Bush

Olivia, also known as Sweet Pea, is one of our Brand Ambassadors. She tests our gear & inspired this adorable hedgehog design. She loves to nurture plants so they can grow and spend time outside with her brother, “Bug.”

Bug - Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador

Favorite Expedition Moment: “Finding and learning about bugs.”
Favorite Animal: Bat
Favorite Plant: Trees

Chase’s favorite nature activity is finding & learning about bugs, hence his nickname: Bug! With all the awesome trees outside, he can’t choose a favorite so he loves them all. Chase is also a Brand Ambassador and tests our gear.

Brand Ambassador Family

Favorite Family Outdoor Activity
Camping & Swimming
Favorite Animals
Penguins, Elephants, Red River Hog, Raided Tortoise
Favorite Plants: any and all trees!

Brand Enthusiast

Favorite Outdoor Activities: Football, playing in the sandbox, & picking up walnuts!
Favorite Animals: His lizard, dogs, cats, horses, cows, & farm animals in general.
Favorite Plant: Trees

Silas, who sometimes goes by Sibug, is the newest addition to our team. He is four-years-old and very excited to “model” our expedition apparel.


Brand Ambassador


Landyn & Cayden
Brand Enthusiasts

Follow Landyn & Cayden @CAPLINGER_TWINS

Forrest & Izzy
Brand Enthusiasts

Follow Forrest & Izzy @JESSICAPANNELL

Join the Team

There is plenty of room on our team. The more the merrier as they say. We are looking for team members to help with our shop and products. Do you love fact checking or researching? Apply to be our animal or plant specialist. Are you a graphic designer? Maybe you’d like to be our new map maker. Amazing at sewing and embroidering? We would love to add earth-friendly field bags and custom made patches to our product line. Have a knack for taking staged photos? Nature inspired product photos would make a great addition to our shop. Apply Here.