Eco Gift Bag Program

Eco Gift Bag on Argent

Get samples of your products in the mailboxes of potential customers with the Eco Gift Bag Program at Pinecone Grove. Pinecone Grove’s Eco Gift Bag Program is an ongoing program so you can apply at anytime. Each Eco Gift Bag is filled with samples, coupons, and goodies from small businesses that provide exceptional customer service and products that inspire exploration, education, and preservation.

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How the Program Works

With each domestic order from my shop, I’ll include a small bag filled with samples from small businesses. Arriving as a surprise gift in Pinecone Grove orders, your shop will receive exposure in person to a potential client. There is also the opportunity for further interest if the customer shares their products on social media with their audience.

How Participants Are Selected

Eco Gift Bag participant selections are based on product, brand, and overall interest with my audience. We are looking for small businesses that are intended for kids or parents and fit one or more of the descriptions below.

Kid Products | Products for Parents | Reduce, Reuse, Recycle | Handmade | Upcycle | Renewable | Reusable | Nature | Wildlife | Science | Apparel | Eco Friendly | Green Living | Environmentally Friendly

After an application is submitted, I will review the application and evaluate your shop to make sure I can offer you the best possible service. Once approved, I will email you all the details to participate.

What Participants Contribute

Eco Gift Bag participants will send 10, 15, or 20 samples attached to business cards or other promotion materials to be included in the gift bags – if you aren’t sure what to offer feel free to email me at with “Eco Gift Question” as the subject line and we can figure something out. Remember to keep your samples and brand materials small – less than 5″ x 8″ x 0.5″.You are welcome – but not required – to include a coupon for at least 20% off to help convert recipients into new clients. Studies show that more than 90% of people are more likely to make a purchase from a new brand if offered a discount of 20% or greater.

Cost to Participate

$2 for 10 Eco Gift samples | $3 for 15 Eco Gift samples | $4 for 20 Eco Gift samples

Why the cost? Added weight from the Eco Gift Bags to packages, increases shipping and packaging costs. This small flat fee will help cover those extra expenses. Within one week of receiving your application I will email you, if you are accepted, and send a Paypal invoice for the participation fee. Once paid, I will message you with the mailing information to send your Eco Gift for the program.

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